9 Hilariously Bad Michael Myers Halloween Masks

The original Michael Myers mask used in “Halloween” was a William Shatner mask, painted white and slightly modified.  Nearly every Horror fan knows this. I have no idea what went wrong with the other masks below.


Are you kidding me?  Did you even see the movie?  If you want to look like “Albino, Ginger Arsenio Hall” this is the mask for you.



I think Hot Topic found a bunch of “Elderly Jay Leno” masks and tried to rebrand them as Michael Myers.



Nice hair.  All I can imagine here is Michael Myers trying to blend in at a Disco.



If you told people you were “Mime Tom Sizemore”, they would believe you.



Rubie’s Costume Michael Myers Vinyl Mask


This one is actually great, if you want to look like “Zombie Nicolas Cage.”


Paper Magic Michael Myers Promotional Mask


This one barely resembles a human face. But, when I look at it, all I hear is Cartman saying “What-Eva! I do what I want!”



There isn’t even a hint of Michael Myers here. It looks like a truck ran over Danny McBride.



You can tell they at least tried, but it just looks like “Monkey Myers.”



Paper Magic 195882 Michael Myers Mask Child


WTF is with the blue lips? Michael Myers? More like, “Michael Cera with Hypothermia.”





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