The Top 10 Creepy Ventriloquist Puppet Album Covers



There’s really nothing more frightening than a weirdo/religious fanatic with a puppet speaking to your children via scratchy vinyl.  Here’s the Top 10 to avoid…

1. Little Marcy Sings to Toddlers … until they shit their pants with terror. little-marcy_creepy 

2. Trees Talk Too … since I’ve gone off my meds.


3.  Do You Know Jesus? … because you’re going to meet him.


4.  Oscar Zamora y Don Chema – El Padrecito My favorite part of this record is when the Mexican Saw puppet comes to life and chases prostitutes. 


5. AMEN! … this creepy fucking record is out of print.


6.  Mountain Tales… are typically full of murder and incest. 


7.  Adventures of Uncle Cousin – There’s nothing I can say that would make the actual title more disturbing. 


8.  Uncle “D” Talks with Charlie & Sheila … about where they’re going to hide your body.


9.  RAPTURE! – Clearly, these lunatics have figured out a way to make “the end of days” sound even more horrific and insane. 


10.  Mr. Dress Up … in ladies underwear and dismember you with a handsaw.


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