Bride puts husband in wood chipper divorce sheet cake |

15 Gruesome Divorce Cakes

We all know divorce isn’t pretty.  Well, neither are these cakes decorated to celebrate severing the ties of marriage. Yes, divorce cakes are a thing now. Here we have a gallery of 15 positively bloody, gruesome and downright disturbing “divorce cakes” for him and her that were most likely meant to be funny. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wedding cake toppers quite like these. Anyway, pass me a slice.

White divorce cake with bleeding bride cake topper knocked off cake


Headless groom dancing with bride divorce cake |


Pink Fondant Divorce Cake Bride Pushes Groom Off Cake


Bride puts husband in wood chipper divorce sheet cake |


Black top hat bloody divorce cake |



Free At Last pink and white divorce cake |


Groom digs bride's grave divorce cake |


Bride beheads groom bloody divorce cake |


Bride kills groom bloody divorce cake |


Blue tiered divorce cake with fallen bloody bride and groom holding bouquet |


Bride holding husband's head 2 tier divorce cake |


Bride in pink cake topper falls off floral divorce cake |


Bride holds grooms head with cascading pink roses tiered divorce cake |


Bride in white holding her grooms head divorce cake |

<<  What do you think of these divorce cakes? Funny or freakish? Let us know in the comments!


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