What Do You Get When You Cross Michael Myers With Ronald McDonald?

Apparently, it’s called “Creepy Insane Clown mask Horror Scary Halloween Demon Zombie Mcdonald” … and I think it’s rather fitting, as well as highly accurate.  Enjoy your late night scroll of terror below!

Michael_Myers_Clown1 Michael_Myers_Clown3 Michael_Myers_Clown4 Michael_Myers_Clown2


This abomination of eternal nightmare fuel was created by CreepyMasks (obviously).  Unfortunately, you cannot currently purchase it, but the original ebay listing is still online HERE.   You can also check out the entire CreepyMasks Ebay Store for more disturbing things that you’ll never unsee.   Like this mask, that looks like a cross between Jack Skellington and Danzig.




UPDATE! I just learned there’s another Ebay page that has the McMyers mask for sale.   Grab it HERE for $30, if you dare. 


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