Happy Mother’s Day To Our Favorite Horror Movie Moms

She’s out there birthing mutants and licking babies.  Happy Mother’s Day to Nola Carveth from The Brood!

The Brood horror movie film bad mother


She’s overflowing with  incestous rage and unruly children in her dungeon. Happy Mother’s Day to “Mommy” from The People Under the Stairs!

The people under the stairs mommy mother wendy robie wes craven


She’s the voice in your head, the corpse in your fruit cellar, and a worldclass cockblocker.  Happy Mother’s Day to Norma Bates from Psycho!

Happy Mother's Day Psycho! Norma Bates


She can cook, kill, and masterfully exact revenge.  The only thing she couldn’t do was teach her deformed son to swim. Happy Mother’s Day to Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th!

Friday the 13th Jason Pamela Voorhees Mothers Day


Jason’s beacon of hope… and surprisingly chatty for a mummified head, Happy Mother’s Day to Decapitated Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th – Part II!

Friday the 13th part II Jason Pamela Voorhees Mothers Day


This batshit crazy, horribly abusive religious fanatic has truly got it all.  Happy Mother’s Day to Margaret White from Carrie!

"Carrie" movie Mother sissy spacek piper laurie margaret white


She’s a lovable, hillbilly psychopath who encourages her redneck sons to torture, rape, and murder for her affection. Awwww. Happy Mother’s Day to “Mother” from Mother’s Day!

"mother's day" movie 1980 troma films


A lovely lady who needs no introduction and is probably the best mother on this list,  Happy Mother’s Day to Xenomorph Queen Alien from Aliens!

Mothers Aliens Alien xenomorph movie


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