The Horrific Street Art of JPS

So, imagine this. You and your friends finally get the courage to go explore that old abandoned mental hospital. You hop a few fences, climb through a broken window, and make your way down a decrepit corridor… that leads you directly to axe-wielding maniac, Jason Voorhees. Seriously. And, that’s just what street artist JPS has cleverly laid out for you.


Based in southwest England, JPS has turned the Barrow Gurney Mental Hospital into his own stylish house of horrors. But, his work doesn’t end there. He’s been featured in a range of London exhibitions, including the “Bansky Revelation” and “Broken Britain.” JPS is also the subject of the upcoming film “If Walls Could Talk.”  Enjoy more stenciled horrors below!



 chucky-street-art  jps-street-artist leatherface-jps





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