Death Becomes You. 12 Skeleton Inspired Swimsuits

Whether you’re on the beach or poolside, show everyone that you have quality taste in fashion and the macabre. When you’re wearing these swimsuits, you’ll definitely be turning a few heads… and possibly decapitating the rest.


skull bathing suit swimsuit skeleton
BUY IT HERE! – Black Skull Swimsuit

BUY IT HERE! – Too Fast Electric Skeleton Rib Cage Monokini


ghost ship_horror_swimsuit RedExtend Women's Famous Movie Poster Tight Stretch One Skeleton Skull Piece Swimsuit Swimwear

BUY IT HERE! – Ghost Ship Movie Poster Swimsuit


day of the dead skeleton skull bathing suit swimsuit monokini

BUY IT HERE! – Too Fast Sugar Skull Monokini


sugar skull day of the dead bathing suit monokini

BUY IT HERE! – Floral Skull Monokini



black skeleton bathing suit one piece monokini
BUY IT HERE! – Black Skeleton Swimsuit

day of the dead swimsuit
BUY IT HERE! – Day of the Dead Swimsuit


skeleton and skull swim suit

BUY IT HERE! – Skeleton Holding a Skull Swimsuit


white skeleton monokini swimsuit bathing suit
BUY IT HERE! – White Skeleton Swimsuit



day of the dead sugar skull bathing suit swimsuit
BUY IT HERE! – Grey Day of the Dead Skull Swimsuit



skull_bathing suit
BUY IT HERE! – Skull Print Swimsuit


white skull swimsuit bathing suit monokini skeleton
BUY IT HERE! – White Skull Swimsuit


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