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9 Hilariously Bad Michael Myers Halloween Masks

The original Michael Myers mask used in “Halloween” was a William Shatner mask, painted white and slightly modified.  Nearly every Horror fan knows this. I have no idea what went wrong with the other masks below.   ...

Whoa! YouTuber Mark Rober created this genius video and writes: Here are 24 easy costume ideas that will make you the most awesome person at your Halloween Party this year! Get any of the costumes shown at: ...

Your Daily WTF
Man Accused Of Stealing Human Skin

So, this is pretty freaking ghoulish.  A Delaware County man is accused of stealing $350K worth of human skin over a two year period from Mercy Hospital. ...

Your Daily LOL

Hilarious! So, we have a Michael Myers like slasher, who wields a chainsaw like Leatherface, along to the Friday the 13th theme. Awesome.  See what ...


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